The right conduct that helps an aspirant refine his actions resulting in mental purification.
Inner experience of absolute truth; discussions amongst Sharanas on divine experience.
The true knowledge enlightening the innermost faculties of a person.
Ashtaavarana literally means eight-fold sheaths. The eight-fold spiritual practices that an aspirant in the path of Guru Basavanna is given – guru, linga, jangama, vibhuti, rudraakshi, mantra, paadodaka, and prasada.
Devotion; True love towards God.
The canvass for the life of Samsara.
Meditation; dhyana is the process of contemplating on dhyeya, the object of meditation by dhyeyu, the meditator.
Literally means one who sheds light in the darkness. Guru is the teacher who sheds light of knowledge on the darkness of ignorance of a discipline.
One who is endowed with the true knowledge.
Knowledge; in spirituality it is used to denote the ultimate realization of the absolute.
The results of any action (and inaction) performed by an individual. The laws of Karma govern the workings of the individual soul. It is this Karma that accompanies the soul in its journey through the cycles of birth and death. In fact, it is Karma that is instrumental for the birth, life, and death of a soul.
The action performed by an individual.
The word ‘linga’ literally means a mark or characteristic. Traditionally, the word linga is used to symbolize shivalinga or sthavaralinga. However, Sharanas use the word ‘linga’ to represent the ultimate God. In their own words, ‘li’ represents the infinite, ‘n’ the sport of creation, and ‘ga’ the consciousness.
The yoga given by Guru Basavanna that enables an individual to achieve the union with the divine while living in this mortal realm. The word ‘yoga’ means union, typically used to denote the union of an individual soul with divine. There are many forms of yoga that lead to the union of individual with the divine. Lingangayoga is the novel form of yoga given by Guru Basavanna. Here, divine unites with the individual enabling the transformation of an individual to Sharana.
Sacred sound syllables that are potent with spiritual power.
A force that encompasses all beings in the creation. It is under the delusional effect of this Maya that a being forgets his true nature.
The sacred water of blessings flowing from the feet of guru-linga-jangama.
The five codes of conduct consisting of lingachara (performing all actions for God), sadachara (right conduct), shivachara (upholding the equality of all under God), ganachara (being steadfast and helping others), and bruthyachara (practicing humility).
The grace of blessings from guru-linga-jangama.
Symbolizes the opening of the inner eye that witnesses the truth. The holy seeds of Rudraksha tree, originally from the Himalayas.
The word ‘Samsaara’ is often used to denote life in this material world. Sharanas use it to denote the mental agitation that the life leaves on a person.
The ultimate state of an aspirant following in the path of Guru Basavanna.
A stage in the spiritual path of Guru Basavanna where an aspirant will enjoy the divine bliss that is within himself.
Mystic verses penned by Sharanas.
Refined ashes symbolizing the burning of one’s negative qualities.