Lectures: The lectures focus on Sharanas’ messages and adopting them to enrich individuals and the society.

Topics Include:
What is Adhyatma?
Explains the significance of Adhyatma and how individuals can benefit from it.
Understanding the Mind
Based on Vachanas, this lecture sheds light on how mind works and how to make it more productive and peaceful.
What is Dhyana
Helps aspirants to understand the process of Dhyana and how to begin it.
Concept of Karma & Rebirth
Describes the concept of Karma and rebirth as explained in Vachanas.
Concept of Maya
Explains the concept of Maya, its effects, and how Vachanas teach aspirants to escape its influence.
Concept of God
Sheds light on the concept of God as explained in Vachanas.
Explains what are Vachanas and how they guide aspirants in their Adhyatmic journey.
Managing Anger & Stress
Explains how Vachanas teach individuals to reduce strong negative emotions such as Anger and Stress
Work as Kayaka
Explains the concept of Kaayaka and how we can transform our work to Kaayaka
What is Dasoha?
Explains the concept of Dasoha and how it helps individuals to evolve.


Discourses: Poojya Allamaprabhu Swamiji conducts discourses aimed towards bringing the message of Guru Basavanna and Sharanas to all. The discourses may be of one month, two weeks, or one week duration.

Topics Include:

Introduction to the revolution of Guru Basavanna
Sheds light on the Adhyatmic, Religious, and Social revolution spearheaded by Basavanna during the 12th century
Guidance of Vachanas
This discourse deals with the messages of Vachanas and how individuals can benefit from them.
Introduction to the Adhyatmic path of Basavanna
Provides an overall view of the novel Adhyatmic path that Guru Basavanna gave during the 12th century.
Introduces the eight-fold aids that Guru Basavanna gave to assist the aspirants.
Yogaangatrivedhi of Akkamahadevi
Teaches the treatise of Sharane Akka Mahadevi that deals with Lingangayoga
Karana Hasige of Chennabasavanna
Teaches the treatise of Sharana Chennabasavanna