Basava Divine Center conducts services, lectures, discourses, workshops and courses based on Guru Basavanna and his contemporary Sharanas’ writings. Some of the activities include:

Lectures & Discourses:
These lectures and discourses offer insights into the messages of Guru Basavanna and Sharanas.
Scripture Study Courses:
Basava Divine Center offers onsite and home study courses on Vachanas and other scriptures of Guru Basavanna and his contemporary Sharanas.
The workshops are based on the spiritual practices given by Guru Basavanna.
Monthly Services:
Basava Divine Center conducts regular monthly services that include pooja, meditation, and Vachana discussions.
Youth Activities:
These activities are aimed at bringing the messages of Guru Basavanna and Sharanas to children and youth helping them enrich their lives.
Special Services:
To serve the Lingayat community of America, Basava Divine Center offers services for various occasions.
Vachana Contemplation:
These guided online discussions enable participants to understand the subtleties of Vachanas and help in adopting the messages in their lives.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in any of these activities.